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To date, the California Consumer Privacy Act is the most sweeping privacy legislation ever implemented in the U.S. If your program is not compliant, you are risking the potential for harsh enforcement and fines.

CCPA online training from the IAPP (10 CPEs available) is continually updated to provide you with the latest changes to the law and expert interpretations.

  • Identify how your organization is affected by the CCPA.
  • Consider practical approaches to operationalizing the law from CCPA experts.
  • Leverage your GDPR compliance efforts to ease the CCPA burden.
  • Reduce your risk of fines, enforcement actions and damaged reputation.

CCPA-specific online training.
CCPA Online Training addresses critical considerations for operationalizing the CCPA. Get up-to-date training regarding specific CCPA compliance requirements, including any new developments.

CIPM online training and exam.
Beyond grasping the complexities of the CCPA, you need the skills provided by IAPP Privacy Program Management training to implement a program that effectively protects your organization.

CIPP/US online training and exam.
The CCPA isn’t the only U.S.-based law your organization must tackle. IAPP U.S Private-Sector Privacy training can expand your knowledge base to help you understand U.S. laws, including the CCPA.

CCPA expansive resources.
IAPP membership (included with all training bundles) grants you access to member-only, up-to-date CCPA resources such as the 5 Steps you must Take to Prepare for CCPA, the CCPA Amendment Tracker and U.S. State Comprehensive Privacy Law Comparison.


Course Includes:

  • CCPA Online Training
  • Digital California Privacy Law Textbook
  • CIPP/US Online Training
  • CIPM Online Training
  • Digital Textbooks
  • Digital Sample Questions
  • CIPP/US Exam Voucher
  • CIPM Exam Voucher
  • 1st Year of IAPP Membership

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