Build a suite of completely tailored policies for your website and business.

With a multitude of privacy laws around the world, it is becoming increasingly complex to ensure your business is compliant. Privacy compliance can take many forms, however, having a comprehensive suite of policies is one of the major pillars for any organization’s privacy program.

Whether you are creating a privacy policy for your website or an internal policy for your employees, policies overall are an important tool to demonstrate compliance, improve trust with your stakeholders, and abide by applicable laws.

Our team of privacy experts will work with you and your organization to design custom policies based on the nuances of your business. We will conduct an initial analysis to look at your jurisdictional exposure, what kind of data you collect, and who your stakeholders are to ensure that your policies are compliant and accurately reflect the nature of your work.

Policies come in all shapes and sizes.

Policies can go well beyond just your standard website privacy policy. We can help create any type of privacy related policies that you are looking to implement.

Custom policies vs templates

There are a hundred and one ways to build your privacy policy these days and frequently businesses will gravitate towards a policy generator or copying one from their competitors.

Policy Generators and template can provide an affordable and accessible way for organizations to get a semi-tailored privacy policy, however, they lack the nuance and expertise of having a true privacy specialist review the business and its operations to determine what needs to be included and addressed in the policy to ensure compliance.

PrivacyWorks provides a balanced, efficient, and affordable approach where our policies are completely tailored to our clients needs and addresses compliance with all the necessary legislation (GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, etc…). Our Privacy Specialists will work directly with you at a fraction of the cost of your lawyer to provide you with tailored advice and policies that fit your needs.

Want to know if your current privacy policy is any good?

Click the button below to submit your website privacy policy for a free review by one of our privacy specialists. Once submitted we’ll take a look and schedule a call with you to go over where you may need improvements.

We are here to help.

If you know you need a privacy policy but are not sure where to start or what kind of policies you need, don’t worry. Contact us for a free consultation and we will discuss what you’re looking to accomplish and learn more about your business so that we can make recommendations on what you need to have in place.

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