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Privacy Impact Assessments are a valuable tool for organizations of all sizes and form a key part of any privacy program. Whether it’s your first PIA or you just need some extra capacity on your privacy team, our PIA Specialists are ready to help.

Build privacy transparency into every project.

Our team has completed hundreds of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Each of our team members has experience working with the implementation of complex IT systems that handle some of the most sensitive personal information. We specialize in industries such as Healthcare, Technology, Government, Non-Profits and more, and our consultants can ensure that your PIA is not a roadblock to your project’s success. No matter what stage your organization is in with its privacy program, our team can provide the support that you need.

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Early Stage Privacy Teams

If you’re new to PIAs, our Privacy Specialists will guide you through our detailed process that ensures your PIA meets all the required standards. We have templates and processes that can be easily adapted to your organization’s needs and ensure that your PIA is implemented as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Advanced Privacy Teams

Within larger organizations, there is often a high quantity of PIAs that need to be completed and limited resources to complete them. Our team has a combined decades of experience building PIAs in highly technical enterprise and government environments and we can jump in at a moment’s notice to boost your capacity.

Get a PIA done right.

PIAs can be a time consuming process, especially if you don’t have the necessary experience. With our finely tuned process and career privacy professionals, you can rest assured that your PIA will meet the appropriate legislative standards and you will be able to effectively demonstrate your privacy transparency to all relevant stakeholders. Additionally, we’ll work to minimize the impact of this process on your team so that you can keep focusing on what you do best.

Benefits of doing a PIA

Evidence-based approach

PIAs offer a provable method to demonstrate that your team has done its due diligence on privacy. Should there be any complaints or breaches, the transparent approach of PIAs offer protection to organizations when implementing new products and services.

Enhanced informed-decision making

By conducting a PIA, you will gain deep insights into your projects and understand the privacy implications that can affect you and your organization. You will be able to make better decisions and justify them in the context of protecting personal information.

Increased public trust

Individuals trust organizations that handle personal information responsibly. By completing a PIA, you demonstrate that your organization takes privacy seriously and is implementing appropriate measures to ensure the adequate protection of sensitive data.

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