Get Compliant With GDPR.

Build a first-class compliance program in accordance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Complying with one of the world’s toughest privacy laws is no small feat, and we will help you make it as easy and seamless as possible.

Does my organization need to worry about GDPR?

GDPR was one of the first laws enacted that requires compliance from organizations based outside of its jurisdiction. This means that if you collect personal data from European residents by offering them products and services or by monitoring them, GDPR will apply to you even if you are not based in Europe.

GDPR has a very broad interpretation of what constitutes personal data – it can include anything from names and email addresses, as well as data collected through cookies, and IP addresses collected for analytics purposes. Because of this, the scope of GDPR can apply to organizations large and small all over the world.

GDPR is Good For Business

With an increasingly complex landscape of legal and regulatory requirements, and data breaches becoming a common occurrence, ensuring your organization remains compliant and secure can seem like a daunting task. Our team of experienced privacy specialists help all types of organizations, from small to large, design and implement privacy and compliance programs.

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Consumers have greater trust in companies that use their data in accordance with GDPR

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Monitor and maintain your program.

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