Get compliant with data privacy laws worldwide.

The number of data privacy laws around the world is increasing every year and many of these laws impose significant consequences on organizations that do not meet their requirements. Modern data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA even extend their authority to organizations that are not based in their jurisdiction and have significant controls in place to protect their citizens’ personal information no matter who is collecting or processing it.

PrivacyWorks has comprehensive packages to help your organization assess, establish, and implement compliance with major data privacy laws from around the world. No matter what stage you are at with your organization, our team of Privacy Specialists can help meet your compliance objectives.

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To get compliant with a Data Privacy Law, it's essential to have a thorough and documented understanding of your organization's current state privacy program and how it stacks up against any applicable privacy legislation. Our team can help assess your organization and build a comprehensive roadmap to compliance.


Implementing new compliance measures can be expensive and time-consuming. We can provide a seamless execution of your compliance roadmap and ensure your organization achieves compliance with applicable privacy legislation as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Privacy is a constantly evolving landscape and laws can change. It is important to continuously monitor your compliance program and ensure that your privacy assets are still compliant with any changes that have been made to the legislation.

Privacy around the world.

We provide comprehensive compliance packages for most major privacy laws worldwide. For all the laws listed below we can provide assistance with assessing, implementing, and monitoring your regulatory compliance.

GDPR Compliance

Implemented on May 25, 2018, the GDPR is the the most comprehensive and strict privacy law globally. No matter what country you are based in, if you collect personal information from any European citizens, GDPR will likely apply to you. Our in-house GDPR experts will help guide your organization towards compliance and build a robust GDPR privacy program.

CCPA / CPRA Compliance

Implemented on June 28, 2018, CCPA provides enhanced protection for the citizens of California. CCPA provides strict guidance around the sale of personal information and includes severe financial consequences for organizations who fail to comply. We can provide your organization with comprehensive CCPA compliance guidance to help meet California’s regulatory requirements.

Canadian Privacy Compliance

Canada has numerous federal and provincial privacy laws that impose regulations on organizations in both the public and private sectors. Our team of Canadian Privacy Specialists can help to ensure your company is in good privacy standing and to build a robust Canadian privacy program.

Guilda Rostama

Global Privacy Specialist


Work with our global privacy compliance expert.

Guilda Rostama is a global privacy specialist that helps PrivacyWorks clients around the world assess and develop privacy program that comply with the world’s most stringent privacy laws. As a fully-qualified French lawyer, Guilda has a PhD in law, and holds the Master of Law and Internet Technology from Paris Sorbonne, as well as the LLB of the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, and the CIPP/C. Before moving to Canada in 2021, Guilda was a senior legal counsel in the Economic Affairs department in the CNIL (the French Data protection authority) for more than four years. During her tenure in the CNIL, she was actively involved in building recommendations and guidelines for organizations implementing the GDPR. She was also the leader of the Social Media Expert subgroup in the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).

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