Achieve compliance with one of the world’s most comprehensive data protection laws.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented back on May 25, 2018 and has set an unprecedented standard for consumer rights and consumer data protection. Companies that collect personal information from European citizens must consider the requirements of GDPR as non-compliance can cost organizations dearly.

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Consumers that have greater trust in companies that use their data in accordance with GDPR
# of data breaches reported in the first 18 months of GDPR implementation
Average number of daily breach notifications

Does my organization need to worry about GDPR?

GDPR was one of the first laws enacted that requires compliance from organizations based outside of its jurisdiction. This means that if you collect personal information from European citizens either through your website or for a commercial relationship, GDPR will likely apply to you even if you’re not based in Europe.

Personal information can include anything from names and email addresses, as well as IP addresses collected for analytics purposes. Because of this, the scope of GDPR can apply to organizations large and small all over the world.

Our GDPR Experts Can Help Your Organization Achieve Compliance

Our team of Privacy Specialists have been completely immersed since day 1 with the implementation of GDPR and all European privacy regulations. We’ll be able to help your team understand the implications of GDPR on your organization and guide you towards compliance as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. We provide a suite of GDPR solutions that can be completely tailored to your organization and your level of privacy expertise.

GDPR Assessment

Your roadmap to compliance.
  • In-depth organizational risk assessment
  • Policy and procedural analysis
  • GDPR Compliance Roadmap

GDPR Implementation

Build a GDPR compliant privacy program
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Data classification and mapping
  • Records of processing activities

Virtual DPO

Fulfill your GDPR obligations with our vDPO program
  • Respond to DSAR requests
  • Conducing privacy audits and DPIAs
  • Ongoing privacy program maintenance

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