Does my organization need to worry about GDPR?

GDPR was one of the first laws enacted that requires compliance from organizations based outside of its jurisdiction. This means that if you collect personal data from European residents by offering them products and services or by monitoring them, GDPR will apply to you even if you are not based in Europe.

GDPR has a very broad interpretation of what constitutes personal data – it can include anything from names and email addresses, as well as data collected through cookies, and IP addresses collected for analytics purposes. Because of this, the scope of GDPR can apply to organizations large and small all over the world.

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Consumers that have greater trust in companies that use their data in accordance with GDPR
Number of complaints accumulatively received in the first year of GDPR implementation.
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Our GDPR Experts Can Help Your Organization Achieve Compliance

Our team of Privacy Specialists is fluent with the implementation of GDPR and all European privacy regulations. We will be able to help your team understand the implications of GDPR and guide you towards compliance as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. We provide a suite of GDPR solutions that can be tailored to your organization and your level of privacy expertise.

GDPR Assessment

GDPR Implementation


A high-level analysis on the impact of GDPR on your organization. Get an overview of risks and recommendations to start building a strategy towards meeting your GDPR requirements.


Designed For

  • Startups and small organizations that collect and process minimal amounts of personal information from EU citizens.
  • Organizations who aren’t sure where to start with GDPR and want to understand GDPR’s impact on their organization while understanding their risk exposure.


This is an in-depth assessment of your current organizational structure and environment to provide detailed recommendations and a comprehensive roadmap to guide your organization towards GDPR compliance.

Designed For

  • Organizations that collects or processes large amounts of personal information and/or extremely sensitive information.
  • Any organization that wants to build a comprehensive GDPR compliance program.


Our team can provide ad-hoc support to help execute your GDPR compliance program. We can assist on developing policies, completing DPIAs, building breach management programs, and more. We can help take the burden off your team when implementing your GDPR program.

Designed For

  • Organizations that are executing their existing GDPR compliance strategy or roadmap and need assistance with completing deliverables.

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