Privacy professionals are in high demand. Build the skills you need to get the job you want.

The demand for qualified privacy professionals is higher than ever. If you are considering a career path, you can be sure that there are opportunities abound in this industry. Beyond getting certified with an IAPP Privacy Certification, working in privacy requires experience and knowledge on a wide variety of practical skills. Our Privacy Career course offering are here to help you gain those skills and achieve new heights for your privacy role in any organization.

Our Course Offerings

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Privacy Officer Essentials

Build the necessary skills to act as a Privacy Officer for your organization. This course will dive into what it means to be a privacy officer for an organization. We will look at privacy management best practices and develop the common skill sets needed to run a state of the art privacy program.

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How To Write a Privacy Impact Assessment

PIAs are a core task for all privacy professionals and represent one of the most common ways for an organization to demonstrate its privacy due diligence. The team at PrivacyWorks has developed thousands of PIAs over the years and can show you the ins and outs in what it takes to create an industry leading PIA.

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Introduction to Policy Development

Policies are the backbone of every organizations privacy program and are one of the key communication tools establishing privacy compliance for your organization. Our trainers will go through the process from start to finish to show you what it takes to build a compliant policy.

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How to Manage a Data Breach

Data breaches are becoming common place and in most jurisdictions, there are laws in place that state how organizations are required to manage a breach. We will cover the processes and protocols you need to have in place should there be a breach, discuss how to conduct an investigation, and explain how to develop an action plan going forward to reduce your organization’s exposure.

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