Custom and scheduled training sessions for you and your team.

Privacy training is at the core of any organization’s privacy program. Whether you are looking to get your team more informed of privacy risks or to level up your career so you can take on more privacy responsibilities, PrivacyWorks offers a diverse suite of training solutions to meet your needs. We offer live training options (online and in-person) as well as self-paced programs.

Our goal with all of our training options is to make privacy come alive – practical training rather than boring slide decks.

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In-house Training + Workshops

We provide live and self-paced learning options to organizations looking to improve knowledge and awareness of privacy across their teams. You can choose from a list of standard topics or have a session completely tailored to your organization's needs.

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IAPP Certification Training

PrivacyWorks is an Official Training Partner with the IAPP and provides both scheduled and custom training sessions to help individuals and teams obtain their privacy certifications.

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Privacy Career Training

Privacy is an exploding field with enormous career opportunities. We provide practical and informative sessions to help you better prepare for a career in the privacy field.

Privacy training is important for every organization.

Privacy training varies widely across organizations.   In many instances, it can just be a quick confidentiality form that new hires sign and quickly forget about.  In the absence of a solid training program, organizations exposes themselves to unnecessary risk as employees are typically the weakest link in the data management chain. 

PrivacyWorks provides training to organizations of all shapes and sizes through our team of Senior Privacy Consultants with decades worth of experience. For our live training sessions, employees can expect to experience an engaging session with ample opportunity to ask questions and learn the ins and outs of privacy.

Upcoming Training Sessions

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