For those looking to start from ground zero on their privacy program.

It’s never too early to start thinking about privacy. With the Privacy Starter Package, getting started with privacy has never been easier.

The world of privacy is becoming increasingly complicated and with new privacy laws appearing worldwide, even Startups and Small/Medium Size businesses need to consider how they handle personal and sensitive information. With the vast majority of businesses having an online presence, the risk of a data breach for companies of all sizes has never been greater and the associated costs can be massive.

Not sure where to start when it comes to privacy? Our Starter Package will give your organization the essentials when it comes to privacy so you can be confident that privacy is being taken care of.

What You Get

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Privacy Roadmap

We’ll provide you with a high-level plan that identifies where you should focus your efforts when it comes to privacy. We’ll analyze your business, industry, systems, and policies to identify and prioritize your risks and gaps. The Privacy Roadmap will provide you a clear path forward to privacy compliance.

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Privacy 101 Training

Bring your whole team up to speed on the importance of privacy. An organization’s employees are often one of the leading causes of a data breach. Ensuring everyone is aware of their privacy obligations is an essential first step for any organization.

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Website Privacy Policy

A website is a key point of contact for most businesses and one of the most important places to demonstrate your organization’s approach to privacy. We will review your current policy or provide you with a brand new one to ensure your website is in full compliance.

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Cookie Policy

Another key consideration for most businesses that operate with an online presence is cookies. Cookies are frequently used for marketing and analytics purposes and it’s important that your organization takes privacy considerations into account when using this tool.

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