The easiest way to get a Privacy Specialist on your team today.

We understand that when it comes to privacy, there are few constants. Whether you’re a sophisticated privacy team that gets crippled by massive workloads or a budding privacy team that needs some occasional guidance, sometimes it helps to have an extra set of hands available when you need them.

Our Privacy On Call program gives your team access to our Privacy Specialists for on demand services, questions, and guidance. We can support you as you need at an affordable rate where you only pay for hours worked. Whether you’re concerned about workloads, legislative changes, or new business operations impacting your privacy exposure, we can help.

By signing up for our Privacy On Call program, you will be assigned a primary consultant as your main point of contact. This will ensure that you have consistency and someone growing alongside you as we help you navigate the complex waters of privacy compliance.

We can be a key part of your privacy team without needing a corner office.

Hiring a Privacy Officer or Privacy Analyst is not a cheap endeavour. Additionally, with the ebbs and flows of workloads for many privacy offices, hiring full-time employees may not make financial sense. Our Privacy On Call program gives organizations the flexibility to have an experienced Privacy Specialist on call without needing to pay a full-time salary with benefits. This program allows you to have a privacy representative at your organization that can answer the tough questions and take on the workload while only having to spend money when you use them.

Who can use Privacy on Call?

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Early-Mid Stage Privacy Teams

If your team feels a little green when it comes to privacy compliance, we can help provide some key expertise to help guide you in the right direction. Whether it's completing deliverables, monitoring compliance, incident management, or just general privacy questions, we can be your go-to privacy people.

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Mature Privacy Teams

Even the most sophisticated privacy and compliance teams sometimes need an extra set of hands to manage the workload. If you're running below capacity and need to clear some of the work backlog, our team of Privacy Specialists are ready to jump in at a moment's notice.

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