For those looking to restart or grow their existing privacy program.

We get it. When you’re a growing organization, privacy can often fall by the wayside. If you’re looking to figure out where your privacy program currently stands and where to go next, this package well help you get back on track.

As your organization grows and evolves, it’s likely that your compliance requirements will too.

If it’s been awhile since you last visited your privacy program, it can feel a bit overwhelming to determine where to start. Our Growth Package starts by conducting an in-depth Gap Analysis of your current program and provides a detailed roadmap of where you need to go next to achieve compliance.

The Privacy Growth Package provides a way to get your organization back on track with your privacy program and ensure privacy is not a roadblock to your future growth.

What You Get

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Privacy Health Check

An in-depth look at your systems, policies, procedures, and environment will give you a complete understanding of what you do well and where you can improve from a privacy perspective.

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Privacy Roadmap

Based on the findings in the Gap Analysis, we’ll create a roadmap for your team to help prioritize your privacy action items and mitigate your highest risks as soon as possible.

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Advanced Privacy Team Training

Privacy Training is an essential part for every organization’s privacy program. We’ll have an experienced Privacy Specialist educate your whole team on their role within your organization when it comes to privacy.

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Consulting Services

Every organization is unique and when it comes to running a privacy program you rarely need a cookie cutter solution. As a part of the growth package, we include 10 hours of Consulting Services to be used as necessary as we work together to restart and grow your program.

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