PrivacyWorks plays a key role helping organizations of all shapes and sizes navigate complex privacy issues.

PrivacyWorks has a singular, clear mission – to provide our clients with information privacy solutions that meet their business requirements. Whether you work in healthcare, government, technology or even as a start-up, we have a full suite of privacy solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Like many other consulting firms, we started small. When PrivacyWorks was launched in 2013 (and even more so today) we believed that organizations that treat their privacy programs as instrumental to their success, rather than as an obstacle, are better positioned to thrive. By keeping to this simple principle, we have grown alongside our clients and continue to use privacy as a way for organizations to build scalable business models, to adapt to their own clients’ needs and to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The PrivacyWorks team includes associates with broad business analytics backgrounds and extensive privacy expertise.  We are known for our service excellence and intend to maintain our track record for delivering to high standards.  For us, quality is everything.

Adam Stinson

Founder & CEO


As the President and Principal Consultant for PrivacyWorks, Adam is a seasoned privacy professional with a unique blend of privacy knowledge and project management expertise. Adam brings over a decade’s worth of experience in building privacy programs and completing PIAs. He holds a COACH certification in Health Informatics and is the former Chair of the Exam Development Board/Canada for the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Shelly Korobanik

Privacy Specialist


Shelly Korobanik has over 20 years of experience as a Privacy Specialist starting her career within the BC Health Authorities. Throughout her career, Shelly has helped organizations and projects produce complex Privacy Impact Assessments, comprehensive privacy training materials, policies and clinical auditing processes, privacy breach investigations, and information-sharing agreements. She is a member of the BC Provincial Health Information Privacy & Security Operations Committee (HIPSOC) since 2008, serving as a co-chair for the last two.

Moira Connor

Privacy Specialist


Moira Connor is a seasoned privacy consultant with a background in business analysis. She has conducted complex Privacy Impact Assessments and extensive process documentation covering a range of information technology projects and clinical systems. Most recently, Moira has been engaged as a privacy analyst on major projects such as the Clinical Systems and Transformation (CST – Cerner) project and the provincial Credentialing and Privileging System (CACTUS).

Moira has over twenty years of proven success in leading, managing, and executing complex privacy projects. She managed a privacy program for a major international consulting firm and led many successful system implementations.

For the past ten years, she has consulted almost exclusively in health care and worked on a number of systems including Cerner, the Cancer Agency Information System, as well as back-office systems such as PeopleSoft (human resources), TeleTracking (bed management) and Loki (time capture).

Kaitlyn Gutteridge

Privacy Specialist


Kaitlyn Gutteridge is an experienced privacy and research specialist. Trained as an epidemiologist, Kaitlyn has worked on and led large-scale research initiatives in Canada and the European Union including collaborations with the World Health Organization and the European Commission. Her experience with managing the integration of data protection requirements throughout the information lifecycle led her from the research sphere to the policy sector. Kaitlyn has successfully negotiated information sharing agreements within Canada, the USA, and the EU, some of which have considered cross-sector partnerships and varying legislative frameworks.

Guilda Rostama

Privacy Specialist (GDPR Expert)


Guilda Rostama is a GDPR-expert, who has been working in the CNIL (the French data protection authority) and the European Data Protection Board (“EDPB”) for more than four years. She has a Ph.D. and is a qualified French lawyer, with more than 8 years of professional experience. During her tenure in the CNIL, she has been involved with a variety of initiatives, which have led her to achieve an in-depth understanding of the obligations that weigh on organizations that are subject to the GDPR.

Emily Scrivens

Privacy Specialist


Emily Scrivens is a specialist in the field of information privacy. She has worked in multiple jurisdictions across Canada and played key advisory roles for a variety of governments, agencies, clinicians, researchers, and not-for-profit organizations.   In Ontario, Emily supported the expansion of an electronic health record clinical viewer through her work with an eHealth delivery partner. Emily provided privacy oversight and approval for a province-wide health research organization by supporting the health research conducted on a province-wide scale.

Michaela Ashbee

Privacy Specialist

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Michaela is a privacy professional with over 7 years of experience working at Interior Health Authority in British Columbia. Her role as an Information Privacy Analyst and Advisor has given her a vast array of experience bridging the intersection between healthcare and privacy. Michaela specializes in conducting Privacy Impact Assessments, developing policies, and advising on organizational privacy strategies to help with legislative compliance.

Adrian Chalifour

FOI/ATIP Manager

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Adrian is a season information access professional having worked in the BC Public Sector for nearly 10 years as an FOI Specialist and Team Lead. Over this time, Adrian has managed a team of between 6 to 10 FOI Analysts process thousands of public information access requests for the BC Government in all departments. He has developed an indepth expertise of Canadian public sector legislation and ensuring legislative compliance while processing end-to-end access requests.

Nicole St-Pierre

FOI/ATIP Specialist

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Nicole possesses over 20 years of experience working in the access and privacy field, working with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), its municipal equivalent MFIPPA, Part X of the Child, Youth and Family Service Act (CYFSA), the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and the Privacy Act.

Nicole has developed an extensive array of experience in the legislative interpretation of various access and privacy acts at all levels of government. She has personally completed well over 5000 access to information requests, exercised delegated decision making, was involved in numerous mediations for appeals with the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Office (IPC) and Privacy Breach investigations.

Vivian Grace Ostan

FOI/ATIP Coordinator

Vivian grace is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in Records Management and a thorough background in managing Freedom of Information requests. She has worked at both a municipal and provincial level helping governments implement comprehensive records management systems and enabling and supporting the application Information Access legislation.

With PrivacyWorks, Vivian Grace plays a key role in supporting multiple government departments in British Columbia process their FOI requests and ensure they are meeting legislative deadlines.

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