Build a comprehensive and compliant Canadian privacy program.

Canada’s privacy landscape is expansive and changing rapidly. Whether your organization is private, public or a not-for-profit, there are number of aspects to consider when building a compliant Canadian privacy program.

Canada is in the process of adopting a new modernized law called the Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA), which will replace PIPEDA and promises even more stringent requirements and penalties for organizations who manage the personal information of Canadian citizens. The PrivacyWorks team is monitoring the progress of this law and developing compliance solutions that organizations can use as soon as this bill is implemented.

We work with all privacy laws across the country.

Get a thorough understanding of your existing privacy program and business operations. Our Privacy Health Check will map your dataflows, highlight the strengths and weaknesses or your privacy program and provide a roadmap to where you need to go next.​

map of Canada with all privacy laws

Our Canadian Privacy Offerings

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Privacy Health Check

Get a thorough understanding of your existing privacy program and business operations. Our privacy health check will map your data, highlight your privacy strengths and weaknesses, and provide a roadmap of where you need to go next.​

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Privacy Program Implementation

Building a privacy program is unique for every organization. No matter what stage you are in, our team can help you review your current policies and processes and build new ones to ensure you remain compliant.​

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Privacy Impact Assessments

No matter the size of your organization, Privacy Impact Assessments play an important role in any privacy program. Our team has completed hundreds of PIAs and can help make the process as smooth and painless as possible.​

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Privacy On Call

For both new and sophisticated compliance teams alike, sometimes we all need an extra set of hands. Our Privacy On Call program gives you access to on-demand privacy specialists when you need it the most.​

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